Frequently asked questions

FAQ Luggage

How much luggage can I take with me and what are the expenses?

Passengers can take two items of hold luggage free of charge as well as their hand luggage. All conditions and measurements you can find under Luggage.

Can I deliver my luggage somewhere directly on arrival in Harlingen?

You can place your luggage in the luggage carts from the moment the passengers are allowed to board. There are luggage lockers in the basement of the terminal in Harlingen, where you can temporarily store your luggage, e.g. if you want to go into town for a while before your trip.

I have a lot of luggage. How can I take that?

You will take your luggage yourself. In front of the terminal you will find luggage trolleys with which you can take your luggage through the check-in point. After the check-in point you will find luggage carts on to which you can place your luggage. For easy retrieval, remember the number on the cart. Then you can go aboard yourself. The luggage carts will be driven aboard by our employees. On arrival the luggage carts will be driven off the ship by our employees and then you can take your luggage off the carts.

Should I pay for children’s bikes, strollers or prams?

No, prams and strollers may be taken aboard free of charge, but only if they are exclusively used for the transport of infants and children. Children’s bikes (up to 3 years old) are also allowed aboard free of charge.