The island of Terschelling is excellently suited to a long holiday, a weekend away, or just a daytrip to the beach. The beach, dunes, the forest and the polders form the characteristic scenery of Terschelling. It is this natural scenery that provides the untold possibilities the island offers.

The history of Terschelling goes back to the Middle Ages when a sandbank and an existing island merged. Afer having been in various different hands, Terschelling became a part of Friesland during the Second World War, which makes it presently a Frisian island.

Terschelling is a real cycling paradise. Its network of over 80 kms of bicycle paths makes it an ideal island to explore by bike. In every village you can rent bikes.

The hiker will enjoy himself to the full using the various walking trails across the island.

The beach and the sea also offer many recreational opportunities for sportsmen, e.g. surfing, canoeing, kitesurfing, landyachting and of course horseriding.

Terschelling has tailormade accommodation for each visitor to suit each individual preference. Hotel, Bed & Breakfast; Terschelling will accommodate you.

Families might wish to rent a house or apartment. You can find cottages for rent in various locations on the island, freestanding in the dunes, or set in a park: the choice is yours.

Enjoying nature in the raw is best done from a tent or caravan. You can easily take those along to Terschelling. 

For more information about the island, types of accommodation, cycling or walking trails and interesting gadgets and souvenirs you can turn to the VVV Tourist Information Terschelling. 

You will find the VVV Tourist Information Office on arrival in the harbour on the right side of the water. For a hospitable reception on Terschelling and a lot of information.