Do you know when you would like to make the crossing to Terschelling or Vlieland? Fill in these details on the website and you will automatically see the departure times available on the date you selected.

This is the most current summary and it will also show possible additional departure times or cancelled departure times.

From Harlingen to Terschelling and v.v.  
Regular ferry approx 2 uur
Fast ferry (straight) approx 50 min.
Fast ferry (via Vlieland) approx 1 uur en 35 min.
From Harlingen to Vlieland and v.v.  
Regular ferry approx 1 uur en 35 min.
Fast ferry (straight) approx 45 min.
Fast ferry (via Vlieland) approx 1 uur en 35 min.
From Terschelling to Vlieland and v.v.  
Fast ferry approx 30 min.         

Changed ferry crossings are communicated via our website and our X-account (www.twitter.com/rederijdoeksen, NL).

Passengers who have made a reservation for a crossing that has been cancelled or changed will receive a personal SMS message. That’s why it is important you fill in your cell phone number when you make a reservation.

As a complementary service to the regular timetable, Ms Zeehond sails to and from Vlieland and Terschelling at a number of set times. Ms Zeehond is a Wadden taxi which has a capacity of max. twelve persons. The Wadden taxi is furnished with comfortable seats, coffee and tea facilities and has plenty of room for luggage.