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The ferry to Vlieland and Terschelling
The ferry to Vlieland and Terschelling

Fast ferry cancelled and modified ferry service timetable

Due to the rapidly increasing ice conditions and the weather forecast, all departures of the fast ferry are canceled. We expect the fast ferry to remain out of service until Wednesday 17 February. The car ferry service sails at adjusted times from Wednesday 10 February. We communicate any changes via the website and social channels.


We will contact passengers who have booked for these fast ferry departures. They are rebooked to another departure.


The fast ferry is the first to be cancelled during ice conditions, because the risk of damage is greater at higher speeds. These fast ships are built of light material and do not have the ice protection that the car ferries do have.


A second reason is that the fast-service engines are cooled with sea water drawn in by pumps. The fast ferry has little draft, so there is a good chance that thick ice water will be sucked in, causing damage.


Since Saturday, January 23, a night-time curfew applies throughout the Netherlands. People have to stay inside between 9:00 PM and 4:30 AM. This has no consequences for the timetable of Rederij Doeksen: all departures are carried out according to the timetable.


However, for Terschelling, passengers who use the last regular ferry to the island must be in possession of a “Self-declaration curfew” and if they are en route for work, also an “Employer's declaration curfew”. Passengers can be checked on board by police during the trip or after arrival on the island.

Doeksen green

Durable and responsible entrepreneurship is very important to Rederij Doeksen. In the design and construction of our new ships we aim for environmentally friendly means of propulsion and durable materials, we also use LED-lighting and FSC paper. 


Are you also concerned about the environment? Then book a voluntary CO2-surcharge of 50 cents in addition to a single fare, when booking your ticket online. This entire amount will be used to reduce the CO2-emission.

Dogs free on board

Of course you would like to take your dog to Terschelling and/or Vlieland. And for man’s best friend these Wadden islands are like paradise! Your dog is welcome on all our ships. You don’t even need to book a ticket for him. Both large and small dogs can travel free of charge.