Logo and corporate identity

The logo is always used in PMS 280, or a full color translation thereof. When color reproduction is not possible, the logo can be applied in 100% black. If the seal is depicted filled, this will be done with the color white.


Main logo
Variant PMS 280
Variant Full Color

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Main logo
Variant black

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Horizontal variants of the logo
There is a horizontal variant of the logo. It can be used when a specific layout or format requires it. The word mark is placed to the left of the logo, at a fixed distance and in a fixed proportion. The horizontal line is maintained in its fixed position in relation to the word mark.



Horizontal variant PMS 280
Horizontal variant Full Color

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Horizontal variant Black

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Use of color
Depending on the printing options or the carrier, the color of the logo can be translated into other color systems. CMYK for full color printing, RGB and HEX value for screens and RAL color for paint

Color logo
PMS 280

Color translations

CMYK (iso coated profile)
C 100  
M 72  
Y 0  
K 18

R  4  
G 49  
B  118


Nr. 5022

Placement of the logo - surface
The logo is preferably placed on a white or Doeksen-yellow background (PMS 109 C / PMS 108 U). The logo may partially cover an adjacent image.

Placement of the logo - free zone
A free zone is used for the logo, defined by an X margin around it.

Maximum reduction of the logo
The logo must be reproduced at all times as shown in the manual. The logo should never be reproduced by (re) scanning or redrawing. The maximum reduction of the logo is to a width of 20 mm, in case of the vertical logo. With the horizontal logo, the maximum reduction is to a width of 31 mm.