The luggage guidelines describe which luggage can be taken free of charge and which luggage requires the purchase of a ticket.

  • We distinguish between hold luggage and hand luggage. The maximum number of free hand luggage items per person is a handbag or laptop bag, a coat, an umbrella and/or walking stick and a normal size photo or film camera;
  • The maximum number of hold luggage items is two per person with a maximum size of  (L x W x H);
  • 85 x 60 x 30 cm. Additional luggage exclusively on payment of a surcharge.

Download the complete luggage guidelines

Taking luggage onto the ferry

Luggage service fast ferry

If you travel on the fast ferry, you will take your own luggage aboard the ferry. There is a special room where you can place your luggage freely on shelves. Hand luggage, coats, etc. can be put away in special compartments above (ms Koegelwieck) or underneath (ms Tiger) the seats. Luggage is not allowed to take up space on the seats or in corridors or block emergency exits.

Luggage transport on the islands

Both islands have transport companies that can transport your luggage to your holiday destination. Please make inquiries from your accommodation provider.

Luggage lockers

In the terminals in Harlingen, on Terschelling and on Vlieland luggage lockers are present where you can keep your luggage on payment of a fee.

Luggage service on the ferry

After the check-in point you will find luggage carts ready for you to place your luggage on. The luggage carts are driven aboard by our employees. On arrival you can take your luggage off the carts. The use of luggage carts is at your own risk.

Luggage trolleys

In front of the terminal of Rederij Doeksen in Harlingen and on Terschelling you will find free luggage trolleys for your use. You need a 2-euro coin for its operation. There are no trolleys present on Vlieland.

Transport company

If you want to transport more luggage, goods, chests or crates or have them sent to your holiday destination (in advance), you can get in touch with transport company De Vlas, telephone 0517 - 41 27 87 or Transport Service Terschelling, telephone 0562 - 44 34 44.