Rederij Doeksen operates as sustainably as possible

Sustainable Core Values

  • The terminal in Harlingen is heated by a pellet-fired carbon neutral central heating system.
  • In our catering facilities plastic cutlery and cups have been replaced by metal cutlery and china crockery as much as possible. For our catering produce we choose as much as possible honest and delicious products with a UTZ-certified-label.
  • We have started to use fewer printed leaflets and brochures and a lot of the information has been made digitally accessible. For the few printed information leaflets still in use, we have selected FSC-certified-paper since 2007.
  • On a number of our ships the standard lighting has been replaced by LED-lighting. That means a saving in energy and no more chemical waste. This translates into a reduction of carbon emissions of 120 kg a year.
  • Sinds 1st April 2013 we have been using green electricity and deforestation compensated green gas provided by Waddenstroom / Greenchoice for all our locations on Terschelling and Vlieland and in Harlingen. Wadden electricity is generated locally and at a small scale and is delivered to us directly.
  • We cooperate with other parties that are committed to the environment such as the FairClimateFund. Due to this cooperation our travellers have been able to offset their carbon footprint since 2012. Their voluntary charge of € 0,50 per crossing is spent entirely on Carbon emissions reduction projects worldwide.
  • Old paper is collected and processed separately (also aboard ship).
  • Uncollected Lost and Found items are given a proper second life. Sleeping bags are taken to the homeless shelter in Amsterdam, clothes and other consumer articles are taken to the Dorcas Foundation. Valuable items are auctioned off, and the proceeds given to charity (e.g. the Cancer Foundation, the Ronald McDonald Home, Stichting Thuishaven Terschelling).
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