Rederij Doeksen smoke-free

By 2019 all ships, ferry terminals and premises of Rederij Doeksen will be smoke-free. The smoking ban includes cigarettes, cigars, and pipe tobacco, but also the e-cigarette and “smoke-free cigarettes” like the iQos/Heets and other smoking gear. To support this measure we have removed all smoking articles from the range of products in our shop, the Parlevinker.


In this way we latch onto the national movement “On the way to a smoke-free generation”, an initiative of the Heart Foundation, KWF Cancer Society, and the Lung Foundation.


Smoking does not suit the healthy lifestyle that Rederij Doeksen advocates either. We are pursuing an active policy that is focused on allowing our employees to carry out their duties in as healthy an environment as possible. We encourage the cessation of smoking, use of a healthy diet and more exercise. Working in a smoke-free environment fits in with this.


By banning smoking, we prevent cigarette butts from being thrown into the Wadden Sea and polluting the vulnerable environment after all. Cigarette butts are the greatest beach pollutants in the world. Annually at least 580 trillion cigarette butts are washed ashore. The smoking ban contributes to a reduction of this nuisance.