Frequently asked questions

FAQ Tickets and cancellations

How can I book ferry tickets?

This can be done in any of four ways: online via, using the ticket vending machines in the terminals, by telephone or at the service desk.

Why should I book my ferry tickets in advance?

If you book your tickets in advance, you are guaranteed a place aboard the ferry at the preferred departure time. In addition, you will avoid the queue at the sevice desk.

Why do you need my (cell) phone number when I am booking a ticket in advance?

If the crossing you have booked is cancelled due to unforeseeable bad weather conditions or engine troubles, then we will get in touch with you personally. It will also give you the option of changing your booking to a different departure time.

Should I get a ticket for my dog?

You don’t need to get a ticket for your four footed friend. Both on the regular ferry and the fast ferry your dog is very welcome and allowed to travel for free. Your dog will not be allowed to take up a seat or to cause inconvenience to other passengers, however. The petfree areas on the ferry are not accessible to dogs. More information about dogs.

I have forgotten my e-tickets or I have been unable to print them.
  • You can check in with your smart phone or tablet. Scan the barcode of your e-ticket from the screen at the check-in point.
  • You can print your e-ticket at the ticket vending machine. This will require your reservation number and e-mail address.
  • You can have your ticket printed at the service desk.
How and when can I change a booking?

You can alter a booking only prior to the crossing concerned. After the departure time has passed your ticket is no longer valid. If you have made your booking online, you can easily change it via your online account. It is also possible to have your ticket changed by telephone or at the service desk. You cannot change your ticket by sending an e-mail.

A number of people in my group reservation wish to leave at a different departure time. Can I split my reservation?

No, that is not possible. If e.g. you have booked for five people and two people wish to leave at a later time? Then you will cancel the reservation for those two people and make a new reservation for them.

Can I cancel a ticket that I’ve already purchased?

Yes, that is possible, prior to the actual departure date and time. You can do this online, if you have booked online, or else by telephone or at the service desk. For cancelling your ticket we will charge a cancellation fee. The money can be refunded to your bank account, your credit card or in cash (depending on how you paid for the tickets). This regulation is valid for booking all different types of ferry tickets, with the exception of group tickets. There is a separate regulation for cancellation in case of group tickets. Please get in touch with us for that.

I have changed my reservation by telephone, but I can’t see that online

That’s right. The online reservation system and the reservation system at the Contact Centre/service desk have not been linked. If you booked online and had it changed or cancelled by telephone or at the service desk, it will not be shown in your online account details.