Frequently asked questions

FAQ Present before departure

How long before departure should I be present?

We urgently request passengers to be present in the terminal for at least 30 minutes before departure, in order to ensure an efficient embarkation process.

What should I do if I arrive too late for the crossing I have booked?

Are you afraid you might arrive late? Then get in touch with us by telephone as quickly as possible. Have you arrived in the terminal and the boat has just left? Then report at the service desk as soon as possible. Our employees will change your ticket free of charge to the next available departure.

What time should I have boarded the ship at the latest?

You should be aboard ship at least five minutes before departure.

Where can I park in Harlingen?

In Harlingen there are various designated parking areas, both covered and in the open air. By means of (ANWB) signposts you will be guided to those areas. Under Parking you will find a summary of the possibilities.