General terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Rederij Doeksen’s General terms and Conditions (pdf-file).

General Ferry and Barge conditions.

Uniform Conditions Hotel and Catering Industry (pdf-file).


In the event of a breach of these General Terms and Conditions and General Ferry and Barge Conditions, the terms and conditions of Rederij Doeksen will prevail.During promotional actions special promotional terms may be in force. This is reported for every individual promotional action.


For bookings you can carry out yourself uisng the (mobile) website or using the ticket machines, we charge an additional € 2,00 service charge, if they are carried out at the reception desk or by telephone.


Service charges

For new bookings made for you by our employees at the reception desk or by telephone, we charge an additional € 2,00 service charge.



Doeksen-passholders (islanders, members of the Permanent Travellers Programme) and senior citizens over 65 are not required to pay service charges.

For the alteration of an existing reservation or booking that cannot be made via the website, no service charges are due. In case the ticket machine is out of order, we will be happy to make your booking for you free of charge