This is what we stand for

At home on the islands

The roots of our company can be found on Terschelling and a large number of our employees are residents of Terschelling or Vlieland. We feel inextricably bound to the history and future of these islands.  We stimulate sustainable partnerships with islander entrepreneurs. We welcome our guests with a sense of homecoming and we respect our working area, the Wadden region, World Heritage site.

Reliable and Strong

During the performance of our duties we make use of efficient and reliable ships and equipment and highly trained operatives. The fleet, office organization, catering and supportive services have been effectively arranged. With over a hundred years’ experience, we will transport our passengers safely to their destinations.


Innovative and Sustainable

We actively and consciously participate in innovative projects and we aim to be a modern and sustainable company. This shows in innovative developments in the areas of fleet, recycling, and a choosing products meant to be used intensively for a long time.

Pure & Authentic

We are building an identity and a image that are sincere and credible. We are involved and professional. we provide an environment in which guests and employees feel comfortable and welcome. We aim for open communication and we welcome suggestions and ideas.