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During your stay on our ships and premises and on the transport of goods and passengers the latest version of the General Ferry and Regular line Service Conditions, deposed at the Registry office of the District Court in Amsterdam and Rotterdam are applicable. You can request a copy of these conditions from our offices in Terschelling and Harlingen. Timetables can at all times and without previous warning be completely or partially extended, reduced or altered.

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Privacy Policy

Which details are we processing?

When you are in touch with us, we register details like your name, address, e-mail address and telephone number. We use these details to be able to be of service to you ( sending you your tickets, calling you in case of a cancellation, responding to questions or complaints, etc)

Finger scan

If you make use of checking-in with your finger scan, then we store your scanned finger print encrypted. These details cannot be used for other purposes than check-in at the access gates of Rederij Doeksen.

Direct debit

If you have given us authorisation for direct debit to process your payment, then your account number will be stored encrypted. Employees will not be able to see your account number either. We never give personal details  of our guests to third parties.

E-mail newsletter

You can subscribe to our e-mail newsletter via our website. If you wish to discontinue receiving the newsletter, you can do this via your account or by means of an e-mail to