Measures Rederij Doeksen as a result of coronavirus

Following the Prime Minister's corona speech on Monday December 14th. we maintain all previously taken measures. We also draw your attention to the following additional points:


  • Shop The Parlevinker in the ferry terminal in Harlingen is closed from 15 December;
  • The catering point in the terminal will remain open for fresh bread rolls and hot and cold drinks. Consumptions may not be consumed in the terminal; only outside or on board. Eating and drinking is not allowed on board the fast ferry;
  • At the moment there are no changes to the timetable. The situation is being closely monitored. Should there be reason to adjust the timetable, we will immediately inform passengers who have booked for the relevant sailings.


Rederij Doeksen will keep you informed of the consequences of the corona virus with regular updates. The most important principle is that we put the health of our employees, passengers and other stakeholders first. We constantly follow the guidelines of RIVM and the government.



As of July 1st, all seats in Public Transport may be occupied again. The ministry has classified the Wadden ferries under Public Transport.The lifting of this capacity limitation therefore means that the capacity of our ships has been increased to the old level. The Outbreak Management Team has made it very clear that this increase in capacity does not mean an additional risk of contamination for passengers and employees. Keep in mind that it can be busy on our ships. Would you rather travel at a quieter time? Then choose a departure in the evening (to the island) or early in the morning (from the island).


The following measures are in effect and we urge our guests to follow them. 


The following hygiene instructions and measures remain in effect, for both passengers and employees, to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus.


Hygiene measures

  • If you have fever, cough or respiratory complaints stay at home until you are free from complaints for 24 hours;
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly with soap;
  • Use paper towels to wipe your hands;
  • Use disinfectant gel regularly;
  • Cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow when you cough or sneeze;
  • Maintain social distancing;
  • Do not shake hands;
  • Passengers go on board in phases, so in groups. As a result, embarkation and disembarkation takes a little longer than usual and ships may depart later than published.
  • Follow the instructions of our employees


Mouth caps

  • Face masks are mandatory for travelers aged 13 years and older in all ferry terminals, on all terrains and during the entire journey on board (including on the outside deck). This means tight, non-medical mouth and nose protection, a tie or scarf is not sufficient. You provide a mouth mask yourself. No face mask = no access.
  • Splash masks (face shields) are only permitted for passengers who demonstrably cannot or are not allowed to wear a mouth-nose mask for medical reasons. They are also required to demonstrate their exceptional position:
    • by showing evidence that he / she is being treated by a doctor or healthcare organization, for example a referral letter or proof of an appointment with a doctor.
    • by a statement from a companion or relative why he / she cannot wear a mouth mask;
    • by showing a card showing that he / she is an exception;
    • by showing his / her medical aid or medicines.

Passengers wearing a mudguard must pass the crossing in a separate area; they are accompanied here by the purser / stewardess.

  • Unfortunately, we cannot transport passengers who do not want to comply with the above instructions.

Our employees avoid social contact in the workplace as much as possible

  • We ask our guests to pay by debit or credit card;
  • We ask you to hold your ticket yourself when scanning it at the gate. Our employees will no longer take the ticket from you;
  • At the check in gates and at the entrance of the ships there will be fewer employees to welcome you then normal;
  • Our employees will keep, as far as possible, a meter and a half away from the guests.
  • During the crossing, please remain in your seat as much as possible


Extra cleaning

On board, at the offices and in the terminal buildings there will be extra cleaning. Soap and paper towels are provided.


Catering and shop 

  • The Grand Café Promenade in the ferry terminal in Harlingen has been closed; 
  • All catering points on board are closed. However, passengers can bring their own food and drinks to eat on board. Eating and drinking is not allowed on board the fast ferry; 
  • It is not allowed to consume any alcoholic drinks on board after 20:00; 
  • The catering point in the ferry terminal in Harlingen is open for fresh bread rolls and hot and cold drinks. Consumptions may not be consumed in the terminal; only outside or on board. Eating and drinking is not allowed on board the fast ferry;
  • Shop The Parlevinker in the ferry terminal in Harlingen is closed from 15 December;
  • On board ms Friesland and ms Vlieland is a coffee machine and a machine with sandwiches, candy and soft drinks. You can pay contactless.


Food and drinks on board the fast ferry

Since Monday, October 26, it is no longer allowed to eat or drink on board the fast ferry. We have added this house rule to the hygiene measures that apply because passengers on the fast service are quite close together and because they do not wear a mouth mask while eating and drinking. Passengers who prefer to travel with the regular ferry (which does allow food and drink) can change their booking free of charge before departure.


Accessibility terminals

Due to the corona crisis, our terminals are temporarily only accessible to ferry passengers. Fewer passengers than usual are also allowed in the hall, so that travelers can distance themselves sufficiently. Please follow the instructions of our employees. Travel tip: Do not arrive early, keep your waiting time as short as possible and follow the instructions of our staff.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding!

As a service provider, we make it possible for all passengers to adhere to the guidelines and we encourage this. We expect our passengers to act responsibly and respectfully for their own health and that of the other passengers. If passengers do not comply with the applicable rules, we are forced and obliged to take steps. On behalf of all employees of Rederij Doeksen: thank you very much!


More information

Check the website of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment.


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