Finger scan
Is the finger scan safe?

Certainly. It is exactly for reasons of security that your Doeksen pass is provided with a fingerprint. Several fingers are scanned, and afterwards the scan is coded and stored in a number code. This number code cannot be retraced to your finger scan. This makes that information useless for any other puropose besides the automatic pass control at Doeksen. This secure, personal code is linked in the system to the discount pass.

Can I also be eligible for the fast check-in without a finger scan?

If you want to travel with your pass, the combination of your pass and finger opens the automatic access gate. In this way we prevent others from travelling with your pass.

What is the minimum age for making use of the finger scan?

Children up to 11 years old need not have their finger scan made. Fast check-in by means of a finger scan is possible from the age of 12.

Does it involve any expenses?

No, the fast check-in service for passholders (which requires the finger scan) is free of charge.

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