You are allowed to take no more than 30 kg of luggage per person. If you wish to take more than 30 kg of luggage, or if you want to send goods to your holiday address (in advance), or take crates, boxes, tools, please get in touch with Transport company De Vlas in Harlingen, tel. +31 (0)517 41 27 87 or Transport Service Terschelling, tel. +31 (0)562 44 34 44. Due to safety regulations luggage is not allowed to take up space on the seats or in the corridor aboard any ship. 

Free luggage service
Near the regular ferries, you will find luggage carts in which you can place your luggage (at your own risk). The luggage carts will be embarked and disembarked by our employees. On arrival, you can collect your luggage from here again. There is a special space for luggage on the rear deck of the fast service ferry. Hand luggage, coats and such, you can place in special storage racks above the chairs. 

Luggage lockers
In the terminal in Harlingen, Terschelling and Vlieland we have luggage lockers available, where you can temporarily store your luggage.

Luggage transport on the islands
Companies that can transport your luggage to your holiday location can be found on both islands. Please ask the travel agency or landlord, or look at (for Vlieland)


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