Mission and core values

Rederij Doeksen operates the ferry service from, to and between Harlingen, Terschelling and Vlieland. We are aiming to provide a safe, customer-friendly and effective service, executed by hospitable and highly trained staff, with the use of state-of-the-art, safe and effectively equipped ships. We are aiming at offering increased service by means of new technologies, before, during and after the crossing.

Rederij Doeksen encourages durable cooperative ties with (island) entrepreneurs to render the products of Terschelling and Vlieland more attractive to tourists and to increase the number of visitors to the islands.

Core values
Rederij Doeksen has formulated a number of core values that take a central position in operational management.

We demonstrate hospitality in our performance as hosts. We listen actively to our guests by regularly organizing customer satisfaction enquiries, customer panels and the ISO-certified complaints and suggestions system. We make sure our employees, ships, quays and premises have a groomed exterior and if possible we like to surprise our guests with additional treats.

Safety is ensured by optimum safety equipment that is always state of the art. Their technical operation is tested at regular intervals and the skills of the employees are adequately trained.

We aim for a reliable timetable with minimal cancellations or delays. The statistics show we are successful in this respect. On account of regular maintenance to our ships our number of cancellations is at a minimum.

Approachability and accessibility
We aim to be easily accessible to our passengers, both in a technical and in a logistical sense. Our employees are easily recognizable by the identifiable uniform they wear and they are open to the guest who wants a response to their questions.

Efficiency ensures a pleasant course of travel for our passengers, but also in the stages of preparation and follow-up everything should operate as smoothly as possible. By means of efficient procedures, a pleasant atmosphere is created for both guests and employees.

Affordable prices
A proper price-quality perception is important. We try to achieve this by means of efficient operating procedures and purchase.

Environmentally friendly operations
Our waterways are among the most beautiful but most vulnerable wildlife areas of the Netherlands. Our aim is to operate in a noticeably environmentally friendly way.  

A number of these core values are periodically tested by the international independent classification bureau Lloyd's. Check under the Safety heading for more information about Lloyd's classification. In addition, Rederij Doeksen regularly initiates customer satisfaction enquiries and customer panels to measure the level of satisfaction of our guests.


Rederij Doeksen was founded in 1908 and has terminals in Harlingen and on Terschelling and Vlieland. Rederij Doeksen is part of the Koninklijke Doeksen BV (Royal), established in Rotterdam.

The foundation of our company was laid by Gerrit Doeksen and his elder sons. From 1908 they were engaged in activities in the areas of salvage and towing. Since then "Reederij Doeksen" has been in operation.

From 1923 the ferry service to and from Terschelling and Vlieland was maintained by the "Reederij", a branch that grew into the most important one within the company. In addition, the company was involved in shell suction and Rederij Doeksen was well-known as a salvage and towing company.

Rederij Doeksen is a branch of holding company Koninklijke Doeksen BV. This holding company whose main office is situated in Rotterdam, also comprises Aqualiner.


We operate a reliable ferry service based on a regular timetable. We provide an excellent crossing for our passengers, whether they cross as foot passengers or as drivers.
In addition, we are continually engaged in developing processes and technologies to improve our service.

Durable and responsible entrepreneurship is the first matter of importance to Rederij Doeksen. What are we doing at the moment to make our services as 'green' as possible?


Because we do not only wish you to have a comfortable but especially a safe journey, our ships have been equipped with sufficient life-saving equipment. In the arrival hall of each ship it is clearly indicated where the life-saving equipment and the emergency-exits are located. On the picture above you can see how a life jacket should be put on. Aboard the Koegelwieck you will find a safety instructions sheet in the pocket of each chair.

The Management System of Rederij Doeksen meets all quality standards according to ISO-9002. Furthermore the ferry service is certified for the ISM-code (International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention). Each vessel has a Safety Management Certificate. All technical aspects of the vessels are inspected by the Shipping Inspection.

Doeksen green

New construction of ships
For the new ships in our fleet we are aiming at environmentally friendly propulsion mechanisms, so that there will be a decrease in CO2 emissions. We opt for light materials such as aluminium and hulls with less resistance, so they will need less fuel for propulsion. Will the ships run on biodiesel, biogas or electricity in the future? In cooperation with the industrial community and the authorities Rederij Doeksen is examining various possibilities.

On our catering outlets we have opted for the use of durable materials as much as possible. A lot of plastic cutlery and cups have been replaced by metal cutlery and china plates and cups. If any disposable material is used, then we have opted for a biodegradable type.

Leaflets and brochures
Since 2007 our leaflets and brochures have been printed on environmentally friendly FSC paper. FSC paper is also used for our correspondence and invoices, our envelopes and  our staff magazine. To decrease the number of copies for printed matter, we have expanded our website, internal memos are sent by e-mail, and we use e-mail newsletters and an sms-service to keep our passengers informed.

On the mv Vlieland all the lights were replaced by LED-lighting last year. Mv Tiger has also been completely furnished with LED-lighting. The LED-light uses 90% less energy than an ordinary light bulb and it is at least 50 times more durable. Besides, contrary to a low-energy light bulb, it needn't be disposed of as chemical waste, but can be disposed of in an ordinary rubbish bin. Compared to an ordinary light bulb, in three LED-lights the annual CO2 emission is 120 kg less. That will save about six trees a year!

We are cooperating with a research facility, IMARES, who have started a large-scale investigation into plankton in the Waddenzee. because healthy plankton means a healthy Waddenzee and therefore a healthy tourist product! On the mv Vlieland a so-called Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) has been placed. The appliance is in one of the engine rooms and its size is 0,3 m. x 0,3 m. x 0,3 m. The supply and drainage of seawater has been connected to this. This direct connection to the seawater conduit on the ferry enables the CPR to take continuous plankton samples while the ferry is sailing. This trial study will run from the first quarter of 2009 until the first quarter of 2011. The APS will sample the composition of the plankton right across the Waddenzee once a week. On the basis of the results we can considerably increase our knowledge of the ecosystem of the Waddenzee.


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